Canvas Prints

Weather from your favorite photos or one of my many images we can create a customized canvas print to decorate any room of your home or even your office space with beautiful images. Available in many sizes and designs from single panel to multi-panel displays. Custom or Personalized photo canvas prints can turn your favorite photo into an art print to decorate the walls of your home or office. Made with high quality canvas material and wrapped around a wooden stretcher frame. You can put your wedding photos, your children or grandchildren, a beautiful sunset, your pet pictures or any moment captured on camera into a personalized photo canvas. If using your own images then we recommend a minimum resolution of 200dpi or at least a 5000 pixel jpeg for the best quality and clarity for your canvas prints.

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Floater Frames

Floater frames are a type of picture frame that is intended for use with a piece of artwork that has been placed into a gallery wrap or canvas that has been stretched and attached to wooden stretcher bars. The canvas gallery wrap is then placed inside the floater frame, which edges the artwork nicely yet does not cut off the viewer from seeing the part of the edges of the artwork on the sides of the gallery wrap that are visible in the float space. Floater frames make a great change from just a simple gallery wrap appearance.

A floater picture frame gives a unique appearance to the artwork because the artwork looks as if it is floating inside the picture frame. Fine art photographs, even wedding photographs, can be printed on canvas, after which they can be placed in a gallery wrap and then situated inside a floater frame for a polished, finalized look.

Please contact me for more information on sizes, designs and prices on canvas prints.